Application Info

Who Should Apply?

If you are a Veteran or know a Veteran whose name and branch of service should be engraved on the Memorial, we strongly encourage you to submit an application. This is a living Memorial and we are committed to accept applications for inscriptions as long as there are Veterans whose honorable military service needs to be recognized.

In addition to the application,
the Veteran must meet the following criteria:


Veterans can be either living or deceased who are presently serving or have served on active duty or in a Reserve Component. When submitting an application you must include some proof of service with an honorable discharge. This could be a copy of a DD Form 214, Honorable Discharge Order or similar documents, a photograph of a headstone at a Military cemetery or of a bronze footstone issued by the Veterans’ Administration. If you encounter difficulty in locating proof of honorable service, the Veterans’ Memorial Foundation will work with you to find a possible solution.


The Veteran must have a connection to Washington County by birth, education, profession, friendship, or previous or current residency. In 2008, the Veterans’ Memorial Committee approved a recommendation to allow persons who presently reside in Washington County or who once lived in the community to purchase Memorial inscriptions in honor of their relatives or friends who may not reside or may never have resided in the local area.


Cost for an inscription on the Black Granite is $100 for engraving and maintaining the Memorial; however, there is no inscription fee required for Veterans who are Killed In Action (KIA), Prisoners Of War (POW), or Missing In Action (MIA).